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I do LAN gaming a lot. :)

However, the game i´ll host this time will need some dns to "forward" requests to a server inside this lan and i thought: Why not to create a dhcp-server inside a VM so people don´t need to configure fixed addresses, and i can bundle other services on it? (Trust me. Managing 20 guys with "no" or "little" it skills to setup fixed ip address is a pain...)

So, here is my question1: Setting up a bridged interface on VirtualBox, a fixed ip address on this vm and a dhcp server on it, will i be able to deliver ip addresses to hosts inside this lan? Since it´s a bridge i don´t see problems as the guest will have a different mac address.

question2: Will my physical host be able to get an ip too?

The physical host is a Windows 7 machine, and the virtual host will probably be a Linux or FreeBSD guest.

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It would work but needs to isolated from your main network as you cannot have two DHCP Servers on one LAN. Why are they unable to use your current DHCP Server to get an IP address? – CharlesH Jun 20 '14 at 14:22
Its a gaming lan. We are going to some of my friend's building, install ourselves at the assembly room, turn on a generic 16port lan switch with no internet connection neither dhcp server. That why :) – nwildner Jun 20 '14 at 16:37
Hey sorry I kind of disappear for the Weekend. Your setup idea would work fine albeit take some resources from your PC. It would probably be better to have an older machine running the 'server'. I would probably look at PFsense which can handle your DHCP and DNS needs. – CharlesH Jun 23 '14 at 10:29

Yes, it's possible and it'll work.


IMHO it's unnecessary complication.

  1. If you won't use DHCP, all Win stations will automatically get random address within the same subnet, so you may plug'n'play :)

  2. Win stations can also function as DHCP servers, if you use "Internet Connection Sharing" on one of your computers, then it'll get "" address and assign ip's from same subnet to others.

It's your choice :)

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Yeah. Stations will probably get a address, because this is the one that IANA assigned to network autoconfig. However, this vm will also run a "Battlefield Bad Company 2" server emulator and a DNS server(to redirect login requests that are hostname based to the guest) so we dont have to edit windows host files or depend on internet to play. We all own the original version of the game. One of the other guys knows how to use VirtualBox so, if i couldnt go to this lan, he will have a "ready to play" server exported into .ova ;) – nwildner Jun 20 '14 at 14:01

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