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I want to give my brother-in-law's machine a static IP address when he connects to his wireless access point at home using Vista. When I do, though, it changes it universally, and it breaks him connecting at work. I can't seem to limit it to that particular connection.

On XP this was relatively easy, but Vista seems to be different.

Any help here?

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You can use one of the programs listed below to create and manage multiple network profiles.

IP Organizer 2 does what it says on the tin.

alt text

the website is in Turkish, here's the download link.

IP Organizer is freeware.

Here's another one:

NetSetMan allows you to quickly switch between pre-configured network settings.

alt text

NetSetMan is free for personal use.

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Can the access point be configured with the MAC address of the wireless card to only issue a specific address by DHCP? This assumes the work environment is using DHCP as well.

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