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Is there any tool which I can run on the PDFs archives (all directories) and finally it lists/identifies the corrupt/invalid PDFs?

I have hundreds of PDF files (related to documentation etc.) on my computer (Windows machine), and very often I receive/have to send dozens of PDFs via email. It is now a normal routine that the PDF I receive or send is corrupted. This creates serious trouble sometimes, when the source file (e.g. Word file or the Tex file is missing/not available instantly).

Checking these thousands of PDFs is not possible in finite time, so I searched for a tool which I can run once and it scans all PDFs (in directories and sub-directories), and finally I get a list of those files which I should re-create. Upto now, it seems there is no such tool.

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If you're on linux try pdfinfo. Take a look at:… – marcwho Jun 25 '14 at 15:05
Tons of thanks for this, I found a build for Windows (i.e. pdfinfo.exe) at the link. Valuable tool indeed. – Admiral Jun 25 '14 at 15:55
Also consider JHOVE - JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment. – Dan D. Jun 25 '14 at 15:57
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It is quite easy to check if a PDF file is valid, by using PDFtk. A free GUI for PDFtk is available from PDF Labs. When you run this tool, you can load as many PDFs as you wish, from multiple directories (by using Add files button), and then it will start accessing the pages in these PDF files, very quickly.

If any file among the selected PDFs is not valid PDF, this utility will show a message about the error, and will remove it automatically from the selection window.

Hence you can save many hours using this procedure with PDFtk. Additionally, if you have multicore CPU, you can run multiple instances of this utility and throw in hundreds of PDFs in each instance.

I am using this software since last 1 year, and it is the most handy PDF tool I have ever used.

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Alternatively, using the tool (pdfinfo.exe) available from the link mentioned by marcwho, you can cd into FolderContainingPDFs and run following command in Windows shell, and it will mark the invalid PDF file in a log file: FORFILES /S /M *.pdf /C "cmd /c echo. & echo @path @fname & D:\XPDF_3.04\bin64\pdfinfo.exe @file" 1>text.txt 2>&1 – Mubeen Shahid Jun 26 '14 at 15:14

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