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I have multiple bookmarks in Chrome stored in different folders:

  • fold1 - book1
  • fold2 - book2
  • fold2 - book3

I would like to create a structure of directories so that each directory contains the original URLs, and each directory is named with the original names:

  • C:\fold1\book1.url
  • C:\fold2\book2.url
  • C:\fold2\book3.url

Specifically, I would like to do the same thing reported here:

Exporting Firefox bookmarks as separate .URLs while preserving timestamps

The problem is that the original files posted by nixda seem to be no longer available. If possible, it would be great to obtain the original 3 excel files posted by nixda:

  • create_URL_files.xls (tested with Excel 2003 x64)
  • create_URL_files.xls (tested with Excel 2013 x64)
  • create_URL_files (Beta).xls (It creates subfolders according to their counterparts in firfox. And it also checks if the file already exists. if yes, it appends the add_date from the bookmark file)

Thanks to those who will help! :)

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I found a bug in the old version. Please download & test the new version –  nixda Dec 23 '14 at 10:36

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