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I had a 500 GB hard drive with 2 partitions on it. A Dell recovery partition and a 495gb partition. The larger had a windows 7 pro. Installed on it, and some personal data, such That windows showed that there where a 102 GB Free. I booted the laptop with gparted Linux live CD and resized the 495 GB partition. I shrank it, and added to the right of it a new NTFS partition in the size of 95 GB. In the next step I rebooted the machine, and before Windows 7 started it performed A file system check, which completed successfully. Finally, when I looked in the file explorer I now see a new drive F with 95 GB free, and drive C in the size of 360 GB with 120 GB free. Not as expected!

Before the partitioning I had 102 GB free. After the split and file system check I now have 215 GB free - more space has become available!

My question is, how is that possible? What is the root cause and can I force such freeing Of space in NTFS file system with out a partition resize?

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There seems to be something amiss on all of this. 360 + 95 = 455 so... where are the missing 40GB? Also, if you did have 215 GB freed, then you would go over the disk's capacity. Unless you made a mistake stating capacities, formatting or slicing does not create or delete capacity. –  Doktoro Reichard Jun 27 '14 at 23:56

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