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I can't seem to make out this little feature that was once there in Firefox.

The 3D button that was there in an earlier version of the dev tools is gone and I can't seem to find any trace of this feature anywhere. If it's still there, how do I enable it?

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If you right click and select "Inspect Element" and then click the gear icon at the left hand side of the toolbox menu you should see "Available Toolbox Buttons" under which appears "3D View".

enter image description here

Clicking this will add a new icon to the toolbox menu that when clicked will show the 3D Dom view.

enter image description here

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It seems like this should be enabled by default. Is it not? – Oran D. Lord Aug 13 '14 at 20:29
It was not enabled by default in the version that I used when replying to the question. – Jason Aller Aug 13 '14 at 23:54
Looks like it has been completely removed from the firefox developer edition. What a shame as it really set it apart from Chrome. – Ray Suelzer Nov 17 '14 at 1:53
Why did they bury it like this? Frustrating user experience. – inorganik Jun 16 at 22:33
It's not completely removed from FF; it's disabled while e10s (multiprocess) is enabled. Turn it off as per drewfg's answer below – Kevin Duke Aug 27 at 9:44

Goto: Preferences->General Uncheck "Enable multi-process Firefox Developer Edition"

Restart Firefox

Goto: Developer tool bar [Tool Box Options], "3D View" check box should now show under "Available Toolbox Buttons", make sure this is checked and you are good.

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It seems FF updates might disable this. FF 38 has changed the settings icon location.

Firefox 38 - cube and cog on the right:

Firefox 38

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