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I've been trying to burn a Blu-Ray disk from an .ISO. The .ISO was created by Nautilus (CD/DVD Creator). Since Brasero and K3B seem not to be able to burn a Blu-Ray on my system, I've installed Silicon Empire link to site for this application The error I get is the following.

Can't detect disc on "TSSTcorp DVDWBD TS-LB23D".
Please Insert an empty disc.
Free space needed: 23555MB

This application was mentioned at this link: question so I am giving it a try. The computer is the Samsung RF711 laptop. The optical drive is the one named in the error message: TSSTcorp DVDWBD TS-LB23D.

How do I resolve this problem?

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K3B 2.0 has support for blu-ray. Time to update your software ;) ( – Jakke Jul 1 '14 at 10:25
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This is a read-only Blu-Ray device. Confirm that by looking in K3b in the Settings > Configure K3b > Devices and look under the "Read Capabilities" and "Write Capabilities".

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