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I'm using a Red Hat system (4.4.7-3) to generate a CentOS live USB/CD.

I have figured out how to create an overlay as well as a home overlay; however, I cannot seem to grasp how to change the overlay directories so that I can have a minimal overlay that only has logs from, say logins.

$ sudo /usr/bin/livecd-iso-to-disk --overlay-size-mb 256 --home-size-mb 128 --resetmbr --ISO_FILE=centos-*-live.iso USB_DEV=/dev/sdb

This question really just comes down to: Is there a way to specify the directory?


$ sudo /usr/bin/livecd-iso-to-disk --overlay-size-mb 32 --home-size-mb 16 --resetmbr --ISO_FILE=centos-*-live.iso USB_DEV=/dev/sdb --home-location /path/to/hidden/logs

Anyone else ever had this issue?

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