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It's not terribly bothersome because I managed to set it to auto-boot 8.1 after 3 seconds and I normally don't watch my PC boot up but still figured I would ask.

How can I get rid of this?

enter image description here

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I found this and it worked for me:

1) Press the Windows Key (or Windows key plus 'R')
2) Type msconfig then press return (or click Enter)
3) Choose the Boot Tab
4) Delete entries other than the Current OS
5) Restart your machine and it should go straight to correct OS

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You can use EasyBCD editor. It is free for personal use.

Go to Edit Boot Menu and delete the entry you don't want. You can also make a backup copy before you do that. If you're afraid to delete an entry then make the timeout 0 seconds.

enter image description here

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