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I am sending an email to little@eudyptula-challenge.org which does not accept the base64 attachment. First I attached a C file and a Makefile for Linux OS which contains simple text. The script sent me an error email specifying that base64 attachment is not valid. I saved as both the above mentioned file to a .txt extension. I attached these files and then too the script says the same error reply. I cannot understand that what is this base64 attachment? I googled the meaning of base64 attachment but could not find any meaningful solution. Please help me out.I am using yahoo as my email id.

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Your mail client (or web interface) automatically encodes attachments. The only alternative to base64 would be quoted-printable. base64 is suitable for all text and binary files. You’ll have to try a different client. Some reported success with mutt. –  Daniel B Jul 7 '14 at 10:49

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