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I was having some issues recently as i was unable to check for Updates in Windows as it could not connect to update server as well as my OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) was drilled down and was not syncing. After a full day searching for the solution, i see a comment on some website that reset WinHttp Proxy and he suggested to use command prompt and commands were:

To Show WinHttp Proxy:

netsh winhttp show proxy

To reset WinHttp Proxy:

netsh winhttp reset proxy

And that said that WinHttp proxy is different than Internet Explorer Proxy. I thought for the days back and came to know that i had set Internet Explorer Proxy few days before as i was connecting to my University Campus Library for Books. But i removed that proxy later when i got disconnected from the Library (as it used VPN and proxy server).

Now i am wandering, How this WinHttp proxy set automatically as i have never set it ever, i set on Internet Explorer Proxy. From where can i set/ remove it other than command prompt.

I have already Googled it but could not clear my concept how it is being set automatically. Before that i had never such type of issue when setting proxy in Internet Explorer.

Any information about WinHttp proxy would be appreciated.

My Operating System: Windows 8.1 Update 1

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