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I have been an open-source user for many years. I am trying to get up to speed with python. Most open-source tools are like the Borg - massive, complex, and impenetrable to the outsider, but seem to have attractive internal components. Insiders do not understand the difficulty newbies have with getting up to speed. The issue is often that getting started is like an old fairy tale - to do X, you need Y, and to do Y, you need Z, and to do Z, you need A, B, C, D, E, F all of which are so obvious that no one explains them.

For my situation, I would like to do:

  1. Determine if the cygwin tool is worth the effort - I have cygwin installed. Should I continue in the cygwin space or work in a fully Windows environment?
  2. I have Win-7 64 bit machine. How do I mix 32 and 64 stuff?
  3. Install numpy, scipy, ipython
  4. Install a relatively straight-ahead API builder

The issue with open source is often the huge number of options, and the inability of the newby to understand them. I visited a page with a lot of attractive sounding tools. However, the time it would take to understand a tool is probably huge, and thus selecting them is difficult.

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I'm sorry but as a python "intermediate" user I have absolutely no idea at all why you need cygwin rather than working in a Windows-native environment. If you want to get "up to speed" then just either download and install Python itself or use one of the many distributions out there. They all come with nice IDEs and there's even a portable version. As it is there is no real question here. –  Mokubai Jul 5 at 15:04
Thank you. A distribution is what I was looking for. –  StatUser Jul 5 at 17:59

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