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I want to be able to symlink target directories for all the usual reasons, on win7hp, for which gpedit.msc is apparently not available at all now.

Best hits I can find are Permission to make symbolic links in Windows 7? which only says where to find it in gpedit, Don’t bother with symlinks in Windows 7, and the Group Policy Registry Table which doesn't mention symbolic links at all.

Best workaround I can think of is to source a variable-setting fragment like xslsource=path and use $xslsource/foo, which I suppose is good enough, but it'd be really nice if there were a way to just make symlinks work.

The "advapi32 apis" option looks nasty enough installing vbox to get a decent environment seems easier.

So, did I miss the tool of my dreams, or will I really have to spend hundreds of dollars in time or money for the exalted and exotic privilege of running ln -s on Windows?

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