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I want a file manager for Linux similar to Total Commander. I want it to have:

  • tabs
  • shortcuts (directory bookmarks) but not only in menus (like GNOME Commander).

I tried Tux Commander, GNOME Commander and muCommander. From those 3, GNOME Commander is the most powerful, but doesn't have tabs or shortcuts.

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Besides Midnight Commander and the file managers you've listed, there's also Krusader and emelFM2, which are orthodox file managers (just like Total Commander). Features of Krusader:

Extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, FTP, advanced search module, an internal viewer/editor, directory synchronisation, file content comparisons, powerful batch renaming and much much more. It supports a wide variety of archive formats and can handle other KIO slaves such as smb or fish.

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Another vote for Krusader. I'm a long time Total Commander user and Krusader can match almost its every feature - some better, than the original. When the Windows build of Krusader is stable enough, I intend to switch to it on my Windows machine as well.

Krusader has a Total Commander preset for selection modes and shortcuts (so it behaves like TC with 2 simple options). Newer builds include a lister (a viewer that opens large files efficiently) and wildcard quick selection.

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Gnome Commander is getting tabs soon, so don't give in to despair...

Piotr Eljasiak, gcmd-dev mailing list, 26 Nov 2009

This the one I miss too, but first things first - tabs...

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