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I use a proxy, at work, which I consume in Ubuntu (Karmic) with the great cntlm (it requires NTLM support, it's an ISA proxy). However, this connection is also "Websensified". I have an open wireless connection in my floor and I was wondering if it is possible to "push a button" when I hit WebSense and try the same page with the aforementioned WLAN connection while maintaining my ongoing SSH sessions and so on.

When I was using Windows (just migrated recently) I used to get around WebSense by using "no proxy" in Firefox and it magically bypassed the WebSense oversight - transparent proxy, maybe?

Any thoughts? Thanks for any feedback!

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You want to connect directly to a network in ubuntu? Have you tried the same thing "no proxy" in firefox on Ubuntu? –  DaveParillo Dec 2 '09 at 15:56
I did, of course - doesn't work. I think the bypass thing only works in Windows because it's running ISA client, or something like that... –  Bruno Antunes Dec 3 '09 at 17:50
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