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I want to set up dual monitors to improve my workspace. So far, I'm planning to buy a cheap Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT card to make a Samsung 2333SW 23-inch Widescreen Monitor work together with my old 17-inch Samsung SyncMaster.

I usually work at a 1024x768 resolution on the syncmaster. So 2 questions:

a) Does the graphics card allow to set up a separate screen resolution for the widescreen monitor?

b) If not, wouldn't this look like crap due to the different screen ratios?

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If your display card has dual output, and (if windows) you chose to "extend desktop", then two monitors can have different resolution and ratio. One more interesting thing is, you can change the "virtual" position of the monitors.

If you do "cloning", then only one resolution is allowed.

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a) Yes.

b) It will look crap anyway if you have two different size monitors side by side.

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I disagree. I find it more important, that both monitors have the same amount of pixel^2/inch, so the ratio and the size of the windows when moving from one monitor to the other is the same. – boutta Jul 18 '09 at 10:01
Yes, and good luck trying to find two different sized monitor which have the same amount of pixel density. I know EIZO monitors are, but those are expensive as hell. – Adrian Godong Jul 19 '09 at 11:15

NVIDIA Control Panel will allow you to manage the rotation and resolution for each of the monitors. Display Properties in Windows will allow you to change the resolutions and placement. All of these settings are done per-monitor and can be setup in many configurations. Make sure you get the latest display drivers for your 9400 GT from NVIDIA's website to ensure maximum compatibility.

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