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I have a dual display setup with my laptop (Dell, with integrated graphics, WinXP). The problem is that whenever I hook up the laptop to the monitor I have to go to Graphics Properties (Intel Graphics Media Driver for Mobile) and set the display resolution, window position, etc. Note that this screen is different than the built-in one you usually see in WinXP.

1) Is there an app that can save display settings properly so they will come back when I dock again?

2) Barring this, run a script or a macro to automatically set up the display the way I want it.

3) Or, can I write a .Net program that does this for me?

Extra points if there is an Open source app that can do this.

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Well, reminds me the terrific mac MarcoPolo application. We don't have (according to AlternativesTo ) a total equivalent. However, it seems like Quick Config contains quite all you need. Maybe by dropping a line at company/author he could give you what you need ...

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