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AppFresh is a useful program for Mac OS X. It scans for applications on your computer and does an online check if there are available updates.

alt text

Is there similar software for Windows?

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File Hippo's Update Checker performs similarly to AppFresh - you run a small desktop app, then it communicates to the File Hippo servers and displays an updates list. It can show beta program updates, and even the install path on your system for each program. I hope this helps.

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There's several listed here, along with comments regarding each particular software.

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KC Softwares' Software Update Monitor (SUMo) was the one I was trying to think of. I tried it a year ago, and wasn't overly impressed with the results. – Sliff Jul 18 '09 at 8:24
I knew I should have provided a more complete answer than just a link. Oh well - next time. – Isxek Jul 18 '09 at 16:37

Check out UpdateStar -- not quite AppFresh, but pretty good nonetheless.

share|improve this answer is another alternative, although I haven't tried this myself, it seems to come fairly well recommended.

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