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I have a compac desktop computer and I want to update it with the 2 or 3 GB or RAM. I am confused that what type of RAM this system have whether DDR2 or DDR3. The processor in my computer is AMD Athlon.

So, if possible please let me know, the ways how can I check the type of RAM whether DDR2 or DDR3.

And how can I check by looking at the RAM that what type of this.

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Direct Download:


After you installed it, go to the Memory tab, your answer is there. enter image description here

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DDR2 ram has a sticker on the dimms labelled PC2-xxxx DDR3 ram has a sticker on the dimms labelled PC3-xxxx(x)

Even if there is just a barcode on it, you can google the number and it will show you what type of memory it is.

You can also visit a site like or, enter the details of your computer make and model, and it will give you a list of compatible memory.

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Just in case you can't or don't want open your computer, may be the free tool Speccy (System Information) will give you the information. You can download it on Piriform web page , choosing the free version.

Also you can find a portable version on Speccy - Download Builds just in case you don't want to install in your PC.

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