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this is my setup:

  • Windows 7 home premium
  • Windows firewall with inbound and outbound traffic blocked by default, file and printer sharing and some basic Windows services allowed
  • Tinywall to control Windows firewall and make rules for every inbound and outbound connection I want to allow
  • A mapped network drive (s:) to \\servername\subfolder\ (server = Windows 2003)
  • On this network drive there is a folder called temp, inside this folder there is putty.exe

This setup works very well for applications that are on my local drives (c:, d:). However, if I start putty.exe from the network share, it is not allowed to make any network connection.

What I have tried so far:

  • Put putty.exe on any local drive (c:, d:) any create a rule for it there: everything works fine
  • Checked the created rules in Windows Firewall itself. They seem to be OK and pointing to the right exe file. I have tried different ways of specifying the .exe path (s:\temp\putty.exe, \\servername\subfolder\temp\putty.exe, \\serverip\subfolder\temp\putty.exe).
  • Adding the server to the intranet zone on the client computer. This gets rid of the alert saying the application is not in my local network when executing.
  • When I disable Windows Firewall, everything works fine.

As mentioned in this article I have capture the WFP diagnostics. It shows this filter was matched:

                        <name>Default Outbound</name>
                        <description>Default Outbound</description>
                    <filterCondition numItems="1">

Thanks in advance for your help!

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