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Thunderbird spam filter works pretty well but for some reason, mails from "Approved VIAGRA Store" continually get through and are not marked as spam even when I continually mark them as junk.

Is there a way I can add to a black list the phrase "Approved VIAGRA Store" so that it will mark it as junk?

Does Thunderbird have a simple black and white list that I could edit or is there an extension to do this?

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One tedious, per account, way would be to set up a filter matching that phrase and marking emails with it as junk.

Tools > Message Filters

Select the account you want to set the filter for. (This is the tedious part because this method isn't something you can currently apply globally.)

Click New...

Give your filter a name.

In the filter rules, set:

For incoming messages that:
Body: contains: Approved VIAGRA Store
Perform these actions:
Set Junk status to: Junk

Click OK to save and close out.

Now, incoming mail will be filtered for that and marked accordingly if it matches the rule.

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While I only use Thunderbird for a small percentage of my emailing, I have it on an account that gets more spam than valid email. One solution I really like is Spamato, I know you didn't ask about extensions, but I wanted to mention this one because I have set it up on all our office computers and it works great. The default settings start out a little too aggressive, but once I got folks trained to check the Spam box and rescue valid emails (our decision to stay aggressive), it learns really fast, has multiple filters that all use different strategies, is highly configurable, auto-deletes "older than", is the only thing I've come across that is almost as effective as my gmail, and was pretty straightforward to set up.

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Install Junquilla and you can see an analysis of exactly why a message was marked spam or not spam.

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I cam across this Addon for Thunderbird that seems to have great ratings and has more advanced features for spam control called email security plus. It's great cause it allows you to add blacklist emails and helps train the Thunderbird system a bit better.

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