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I am connecting to office network through VPN. I have two servers A and B. I have ssh tomcat access to A through VPN but not to B. When I ssh into A, from there I can ssh into B. Also, B is running tomcat, which I can see though elinks on A.

I want to see the tomcat page of B on my remote machine browser. So I followed the instructions mentioned in this serverfault question. I ssh-ed into A using ssh user@A -D 1234, changed firefox proxy settings to localhost:1234. But instead of the tomcat page on B, I keep getting "The connection was reset" error on firefox. (see attached image)

I see that https sites work perfectly, whereas other sites throw the same "The connection was reset" error. Is there any way of getting around this? Following a suggestion in this ubuntu forum, I tried disabling tls in firefox but that didn't work as well.

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You've probably set it as an HTTP proxy, not a SOCKS proxy. Make sure you've selected it as a SOCKS proxy.

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