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Is this possible?

Details: I got a 4 GB microSDHC card for a Nokia phone that only supports - max 2GB - microSD

Since the card is microSD**HC**, it is detected but can not be reformatted by the phone.

Note: I can access and format the card without a problem from a Windows PC, using the supplied SD adapter. I tried reformatting in both FAT and FAT32 without any different result.

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Is this possible?

In a word, no.

The SDHC standard is using a higher number of blocks per cluster than the SD standard. If the reader doesn't support this standard, then you can't use the card.

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You could try to partition the card into one 2 GB partition and leave the rest unpartitioned, though it's unlikely to work since it's about standards.

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No, that's not possible. The only other possibility (and this is if my memory is correct) is if Nokia updated the phone's firmware to be able to read SDHC cards. IIRC, it's possible for software to override the card reader and allow reading/writing of SDHC cards, even if the firmware built into the reader itself only handles SD cards. I think Nintendo used this ability with the Wii when a system update added SDHC access. –  afrazier May 18 '11 at 18:21

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