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If I plugged my laptop AC Adapter power cable into a UPS, causing sparks to blast out (and being unable to insert it due to the UPS being seemingly not designed for this type of plug, for whatever reason), and possibly I thought I might have heard like a little bit of a popping sound coming from the computer or the wire when I was trying to plug it in, but I think that sometimes happens anyway when I first plug it in if it's been off or in sleep mode for awhile, but if, as I was told by someone else on this site (Steve, specifically), the cause of this was intermittent contact with the service voltage and capacitors in the power supply charging up (inrush current) then, my two questions are:

  1. Would this be likely to have caused component damage and/or failure within the computer itself?

  2. What means (software, hardware, or anything else) might I be able to use to determine conclusively whether or not damage had occurred and what steps would need to be taken to replace or repair any damaged hardware, software, or other within my notebook computer?

Edit: By the way, this question is NOT a duplicate. It's a related but new and separate question about an entirely different aspect of the same situation. I specifically asked about this on the meta and was informed quote “If its a related tangential question, sufficiently distinct to warrant its own question, you can refer back to the old one.”

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possible duplicate of Agghhh! UPS Back-Up, Laptop Charger, Sparks –  davidgo Jul 18 at 3:20
Please do not make duplicate posts - see post 784306 –  davidgo Jul 18 at 3:21

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