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"Firefox (3.5) does not provide any method of customizing keyboard shortcuts."

I just upgraded from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5 and got most of my customizations working again.

My question is, how do I customize a single, simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+H --> Home Page, instead of Show History).

I saw this question but it refers to Firefox 3.0. I even downloaded keyconfig, unzipped it, modifed install.rdf and installed it but I for some reason, I still cannot add new keys (I click Add New Key and nothing happens.)

This is exactly why I always delay upgrading FF. :-(

BEGIN SARCASM Hurray, a new version of Firefox! Hurray, a day of fiddling to get things back exactly how they were yesterday! END SARCASM.

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You can get a Firefox 3.5 compatible version here.

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You could try AutoHotKey!

#IfWinActive, Mozilla Firefox
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You could use Vimperator, a plugin which customizes Firefox's keyboard commands to act just like VI!

It sounds crazy, but allows you to quickly navigate most websites with no mouse.

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