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Ubuntu 9.10

Silly question time: When the clamav-freshclam service is running, how often is clamav checking for updates? Or do I have to manually run freshclam via a cronjob?

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how often is clamav checking for updates?

Unless you setup a cronjob it will not check for updates.

Do I have to manually run freshclam via a cronjob?

The purpose of a cronjob is to automate the process. You can decide to run it in the following:





I recommend cron.daily and set it up via a shell script.

sudo gedit /etc/cron.daily/


/usr/bin/freshclam --quiet

This will now run with all your other cron.daily jobs

Save and exit

chmod 755 /etc/cron.daily/

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Great answer, explains cron's basic structure in one go too :) – invert Dec 4 '09 at 8:55
Another possibility is to use /etc/cron.d, and it would be better because then you can run it at an arbitrary time. From clamav manual: "Please don't choose any multiple of 10, because there are already too many clients using those time slots." – user1338062 Oct 14 '15 at 6:15

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