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Hey guys. After a lot of testing, downloads and thanks to a ELMS program from MS, I got a lot of .iso images and burned DVDs of Windows 7. I'm sure now I should have a least these:

  1. RC Ultimate english 64
  2. RTM Pro Es 64
  3. RTM Pro es 32

How can I pick the right one to install now?? (I know, I have a mess on my external HD and I should label the disc after burning, but I didn't).

I want to install the RTM Pro es 64 again. How do I know which one this is? Thanks!

PD: These are the ones that I think I have:


PD2: What I really want to know is how can I see if those ISOs are x86 or x64?

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GRC1CULXFRER_ES_DVD is RC1, so is not the RTM I wanted... Now i have to reinstall again because the setup tells you wich sku are until the last wizard.... (i probably should checked the ei.cfg file to know it before) – josecortesp Dec 4 '09 at 2:16
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Sounds to be like you have

  1. Release Candidate of Ultimate, X64 64-bit edition
  2. Final release, Professional edition X64 - 64-bit edition - Spanish
  3. Final release, Professional edition X86 - 32-bit edition - Spanish

As for seeing which one is x64 and which one is x86, I think that GRMCPRFRER_ES_DVD is x86/32-bit and GRC1CULXFRER_ES_DVD is x64/64-bit but you can confirm by opening the ISO in Winrar or another extraction program and take a look at autorun.inf - the top line of the x64 disk should be - [AutoRun.Amd64]

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Nice!!! That's the answer I want... I think I could check it but I check first the 32bit edition so i didn't see nothing that could help me... Thanks! – josecortesp Dec 4 '09 at 1:42



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Thanks... But, how do you know? (ok, I'll trust you, i just want to know how) – josecortesp Dec 4 '09 at 1:38
call it common knowledge ... take it from someone who happens to label the DVDs properly. :) – Molly7244 Dec 4 '09 at 1:51
LOL.... I think i should start now... I was thinking of downloading the right version again (4 or 5 hours from Costa Rica at 1.5Mbps) – josecortesp Dec 4 '09 at 2:00
nah, asking the right question at SU saves you a helluvalot bandwidth! :) – Molly7244 Dec 4 '09 at 13:53

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