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I have a tool which writes some tags to a photo. On some photos it fails, and for those I want to open them in photoshop, and resave it with maximum quality (jpeg). Ideally I would like to do that from the command line as then I can just do:

for %a in (*.jpg) do mytool.exe "%a" || [AUTOMATED PROCESS HERE]

I tried first just doing photoshop.exe "%a" but it seems photoshop doesn't even accept a command line argument for what photo to open.

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I would recommend using imagemagick to do this. It is a suite of command line tools for image manipulation. mogrify is the one you want for this job.

mogrify -quality 100 *.jpg

There are several ways to set the quality, this just shows one.

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Your assumption is correct -- Photoshop does not allow command line options to do the things you're trying to do. Photoshop does, however, support macros which can be recorded and then run in batch process.

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Photoshop can also be automated from it's COM interface via WSH (vbscript/jscript etc) – Matthew Lock Dec 4 '09 at 7:26

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