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I have installed Windows 7 onto my Macbook using Boot Camp, but i find the whole experience very quiet seeing I cannot access my music that resides on the OS X partition. Is there software out there that allows me to read (and maybe write) OS X file systems?

Although free is always proffered, as long as it isn't expensive, I am not against forking out a couple bucks to buy quality software.

It would be very good if the partition would show up the same as any other partition so I can navigate it using Explorer or any other software.

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MacDrive is what you're after. It's $50 for a CD or Download if that's within your budget, I can guarantee it's quality software.

For a free alternative as already mentioned, HFSExplorer works well, but it will not integrate like any other disk as you prefer.

If you are running Windows 7 under Boot Camp however, OS X 10.6 will include HFS drivers with Boot Camp to read OS X partitions from Windows.

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You are looking for HFSExplorer:

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worth noting that HFSExplorer is read-only for HFS partitions. – John T Jul 18 '09 at 10:57

The version of Boot Camp that comes with Snow Leopard will contain HFS+ drivers for Windows. Rather than buy additional utilities, you might prefer to wait for the upgrade.

"Boot Camp now includes HFS+ read support that enables you to access the files on your Mac OS X partition from Windows. It’s read-only to prevent PC viruses from affecting Mac OS X, but you can easily save your work to your Windows partition and access it later from Mac OS X."


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HFS+ for Windows from Paragon is a read/write driver. It's only $19.99, so it may a good alternative to a more expensive MacDrive. I used their NTFS driver for Mac, and it worked fine.

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