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How can I find a specific file on an Ubuntu machine?

There's the find command but is there a graphical UI to find a file?

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I know you asked for a GUI, but there is also other fast CLI ways, like:

The first command create a index, the second use the index to search. (maybe there is some GUI frontend to locate)

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Thanks Johan--I'm not adverse to cli utitilies. I just didn't know there were other utilities besides "find". – Onorio Catenacci Dec 4 '09 at 15:33

Use Places | Computer (or Places | Home or any other location) and then use the 'search' button (its a looking-glass icon)

You'll soon go back to the command-line though ;)

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Thanks--it's so obvious that I never even thought to look there. :-) – Onorio Catenacci Dec 4 '09 at 13:49

There are a few index based applications like beagle and tracker that offer GUI front-end. If you use gnome-do there is also a plugin there to use tracker as a backend. I am not sure about beagle, though.

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