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How can I set up my combo boxes on the form i am building to open automatically when clicked on the field portion not just the arrow? I have been searching for a while and I can't seem to find any guidance.

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What version of Excel are you using? How are you adding the ComboBox and is it ActiveX or Form Control? –  CharlieRB Jul 25 at 19:13
I am using Excel 2013 and primarily Form Controls –  BenW301 Jul 28 at 14:26

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ComboBox1.Style = 2 was what i was looking for. I stumbled upon the answer when searching for something else. Unfortunately it isn't enabled by default and it doesn't appear that it's an option in the properties window (at least that i could find).

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Use a "Form Control" Combobox not an ActiveX control. The form control version by default will drop-down when you click on the data portion.

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