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It took me a while to figure out how to go up a directory in dired. If I run dired-tree-up, I get the following error:

dired-tree-up: Cannot go up to /home/jason/src/ - not in this tree

But if I use dired-up-directory, it takes me to the appropriate directory. Does dired-tree-up do something completely different?

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Run Dired on parent directory of current directory. Find the parent directory either in this buffer or another buffer. Creates a buffer if necessary.


Go up ARG levels in the dired tree.

The main difference between the two is one acts upon a dired-tree, the other upon a directory. A dired tree is made when you visit multiple directories which are connected to each other. The dired-tree up will work if you have previously visited that parent directory and haven't killed off that buffer. The dired-up-directory should always work since it acts upon the directory itself, think of it as doing a 'find-file on $PWD/..'.

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