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The Workspace switcher is hard-coded to Ctrl-F1 .. Ctrl-F4 in Mint. I would like to change that to Super-F1 ..., but I do not even know where that is configured.

Is this possible? How? With the keyboard editor (gui), there is no option to set the Workspace switcher shortcuts.

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This is configured in Setting / Window Manager / Keyboard.

Unfortunately I cannot do anything with default shortcuts in Mint 17.1 Xfce - see my answer here to show how I modified it manually.

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The link is to another SE site, but it's better for answers to be self-contained. This doesn't really contain a solution without what's at the other end of the link. You could post this as a comment, but to keep it an answer, consider including the essential information here and keep the link for attribution. – fixer1234 Sep 13 '15 at 6:40

I believe you go to the settings manager, key board, and go to application shortcuts. PS. You also helped me to know the key binding, I don't understand the command based shortcut manager too well, thanks!

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