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I use a bash script to add a javascript file to a directory, but after that I need to insert into the index.html this line at between line 30 and 31.

<script type="text/javascript\" src="./js/jquery.browser.js\"></script>

I used the following command in my but it doesn't work (it prints me the content of the index.html like cat would do) :

sed '30i\ <script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"./js/jquery.browser.js\"></script> ' /path/to/index.html

should I use perl? if so how? thank you for reading.

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You need to add option -i, to make it update the file, not write to standard out.

Also 30i inserts before line 30, so you need 31i. Also you inserted a single space, I assume this is in error.

So you need:

sed -i '31i\<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"./js/jquery.browser.js\"></script> ' /path/to/index.html
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