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I'm running Parallels 4.0 for Mac on my black MacBook. Set up Ubuntu today to sandbox Linux a bit and see what it's about, as well as to have it available to test out my web designs in a Linux environment.

The setup itself was relatively painless, however I'm stuck on one point here. When I installed WinXP on Parallels, it had an option for a 1024x640 resolution. In Ubuntu, however, all I'm seeing is 800x600 and 1024x768. The former is unbearably cramped, and the latter is so tall I have to scroll, which means constantly releasing the mouse to go up or down to see the rest of the screen. I found a tutorial on how to add resolutions to Ubuntu, but when I opened etc/X11/xorg.conf, all I saw was a blank new file. What can I put in there to enable 1024x600?

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Solved, somewhat. Installing Parallels Tools made it work, but I had to downgrade to version 8 first.

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