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Do you know of anything like mojopac that will emulate your operating system? Ive already tried mojopac but no luck because the free version of the software does not allow it to run without running a real operating system as an administrator.

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MojoPac does not include the operating system on the flash drive and requires that the host PC be Windows XP based. It seems to be a way of turning (possibly) any installed app into a portable app. Your alternatives are to use the aforementioned portable apps or any of the very many linux/bsd/dos distributions that use syslinux to install on a USB stick. For example Damn Small Linux.
A full OS on USB requires either rebooting or virtualization however.

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You can get pretty much any distribution of Linux to run on a Flash drive. Lifehacker did a handy walkthrough on doing just that with Fedora.

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Try Pendrive Linux for loads of great tutorials on running Linux distros from a USB flash drive.

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