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I am using 'iterm' as my terminal at macosx. But I don't see all my command I type when I do 'history' and I don't see my previous command (copy and paste) using the UP arrow key?

Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you.

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Can you give us a repeatable example? – Bill Reardon Dec 5 '09 at 8:10
History is handled by your shell (most likely GNU bash), not by your terminal program. – Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski Dec 5 '09 at 11:05
I have same problem – juanpablo Jul 10 '11 at 5:41

Check you home dir in iTerm.

$ cd ~
$ ls -la | grep .bash_history

If it found it do a

$ cat .bash_history

This will show your history. Not in the exact same format as 'history' but it will do I think. Or you can search within your history with the shortcut CTRL + r. It will show something as (reverse-i-search). Type your command you did earlier and it will return a result.

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