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I have a PAC file that mostly works. I want to browse some sites through a US SOCKS5 proxy, so I do:

var proxy_us = "SOCKS5 x.y.z.w:1080";

and return that from FindProxyForURL. The problem here is that this crashes iTunes on Windows.

Apple (see _appendProxiesFromPACResponse function) seems to think that plain SOCKS means SOCKS5 but Mozilla and Google disagree. IE seems to work fine with SOCKS5.

Right now I have a workaround that relies on an implementation detail of the CFNetwork PAC code:

if (!(__Apple_dsn_cache === undefined)) {
        proxy_us = "SOCKS x.y.z.w:1080";

Is this the best I can do or is there some trick that I am missing to make the PAC file work with iTunes as well?

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