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Does anybody know any way to make my windows computer running vista look like a mac?

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Just get the real thing :p. – Mk12 Dec 6 '09 at 5:28
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I use Rocketdock (Stardock was hinky on my P4), & put the taskbar on the top of the screen. If you can easily skin Vista like you can XP, LutetumGUI looks great on the various machines I've tried it on.

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There are many solutions out there, but if you do not mind paying, I think the best one is Stardock Window Blinds - If you do not mind a few limitations, you may get away with just using the free version.

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Another option is to use Leopard Transformation Pack although I'm a bit weary about using transformation packs. make sure you've created a restore point before moving ahead.

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