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I downloaded the 600+ MB Xubunto ISO. Burnt it to a DVD using Nero Burning Rom, as a Bootable DVD. My bootup sequence won't detect XUbuntu and still only detects windows on my Hard Drive even after I set my BIOS to boot from the CDROM first.

How do I burn the Live CD with Nero?

I'm thinking maybe I should extract the contents and then burn the folder as data to my DVD.

P.S: I only have DVDs lying around.

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I burnt it as a Bootable DVD.

Don't do this. The .ISO file already contains a bootable image. This option is for creating your own bootable discs.

Search for an option in Nero to burn an image and point to the ISO file.

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It worked. --Posted from Firefox UxUbuntu LiveCD-- – Julian Dec 6 '09 at 7:32

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