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Possible Duplicate:
WebCam as a security camera.

is that possible? Is there a software that can do that?

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Well, i suppose you can, at the most basic, cheap, quick and dirty way, stream from the webcam to VLC, and out to the internet - probably with SSH tunneling since you don't want to send unencrypted video over the internet, and recieve the video with another copy of VLC

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here's a tutorial for you:

How to use a webcam as CCTV

you can also use YawCam


Video streaming

Image snapshots

Built-in webserver

Motion detection


Text and image overlays

Password protection

Online announcements for communities

Scheduler for online time

Multi languages

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I've seen software for it before, albeit I don't remember the name offhand. Part of it depends on the platform you're interested in.

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