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I have a development setup from this tutorial: Build Your Own Dev Server with VirtualBox.

But what I can't figure out is how to share a folder on my Ubuntu virtualized machine with the host Windows 7. I want to use a Windows text editor to edit code that's on my Ubuntu server.

I've tried using the Shared Folders setting, adding "/var/www" but it says that the path is not absolute. When I click on "other", it only allows me to browse folders on my Windows 7 host.

Both the host and guest are 64-bit OS.

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Install the Guest Additions for the guest OS and configure the shared folder(s) on the host OS. You'll find these options in the Devices menu.

alt text

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I had a lot of trouble with this, but found a pretty easy workaround. It involved setting up a second network adaptor for the guest os. Have 2 adaptors on system: 1> NAT and 2>Host-Only Adapter connected to VirtualBox Host only network adaptor (this was selected from dropdown list). This allows two things...1 maintains connection to the internet for updates, etc., and 2 allows guest to be visible on workgroup in win7 host OS. Now you can share folders from the guest OS to windows =>since I couldn't get it to work the other way around. This was useful for me as I rarely transport things from vista to ubuntu anyway. With mindterm installed on Windows and an openssh-server installed on the guest OS, I was then able to enable two-way file tranfers between win7 and ubuntu, which was really ideal, using the SFTP plugin.

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Here is your perfect solution with just "NAT".

Quoted verbatim from http://blogs.oracle.com/tao/entry/virtual_box_shared_folder_between:

  1. Add folder(s) to shared folder menu.

    It is important to write down the folder names at this step.

  2. Boot guest system, open a terminal and type in the following commands

    sudo mkdir /mnt/tao_xp
    sudo mount.vboxsf TAO /mnt/tao_xp

The shared folder would be accessible now: read & write!

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What worked for me was switching my "Network Adapter" in VirtualBox from "NAT" to "Bridged". This can be done in VirtualBox's menu, "Devices" -> "Network Adapters". All of this needs to be done after installing "Guest Editions". For some reason, my install defaulted to "NAT", which I never could get to see my networked computers.

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