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I have no idea what happened ... but all documents on my desktop disappeared. Some program icons too ... it's very puzzling... I am sure I have not deleted them ...

Can anyone help?


Edit 1: I found what happened by searching for my documents on disk: somehow (mouse error?) the Desktop Folder was dragged and dropped or to another folder ... Now it appears that Desktop has changed it's default location... how to fix that??

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What happens when you drag it back to its' proper location? – Breakthrough Dec 7 '09 at 2:11

Desktop should be under C:\Users\%username%\

You could drag and drop it to there, and try restarting your computer (or just restarting explorer.exe).

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Right click on the Desktop folder in the new location, select Properties open the Location Tab and click Move, now pick the new location and click Apply as indicated in this answer here

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