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For some reasons, animated GIFs have stopped working for me in PowerPoint 2003 (on Win XP SP3). This is a problem only with new files - I do have some old presentations where animated GIFs are shown just fine, but when I try to insert a new GIF into a presentation, only the first frame is displayed (both in editing mode and presentation mode).

I first tried inserting the GIF as an image, to no avail. The MS help pages say that I should use the menu "Insert" - "Movies and Sounds" - "Movies and Sounds from file...", but that doesn't even give me .gif as a file extension for a movie. And if I insert it anyway, it doesn't work either.

Any idea what else I could try?

The GIFs work fine in the Windows Explorer or in a browser.

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Could this be the issue? Maybe you are saving in an older format that is Powerpoint '97 compatible, or are using an older viewer?

There's also info here about certain required flags in the GIF:

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Excellent - your second suggestion led the way! Obviously, the LOOP header was set to 0, causing PPT not to loop at all. Since I didn't want to spend 25$ on GIF Construction Set, I gave ImageMagick a whirl - convert -loop 10 source.gif dest.gif did the trick. Many thanks! – Tim Pietzcker Dec 6 '09 at 21:10
The link no longer links to anything useful just a 'restricted page'. Are you able to provide more information about the second point? – atomh33ls Oct 1 '14 at 8:04

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