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I'd like to be able to dynamically change the font size in gvim.

Essentially, the common zoom-in/zoom-out functionality you find in a lot of software.

So if I press Ctrl+=, the font size gets bigger. If I press Ctrl+-, the font size decreases. And, ideally, if I press Ctrl-0 the font size returns to my default size.

Is it possible?

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Sure it is, via zoom.vim

(it is mapped to + and - by default, but I gather you know how to change that to your liking).

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That script specified in the zoom.vim does not work. I get following error on trying it in VI. Error detected while processing function <SNR>9_ZoomIn: line 2: E18: Unexpected characters before '=' – user54487 Nov 4 '10 at 5:40

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