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I have created an image of a floppy disk by executing:

dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/home/myFloppy.img

My floppy disk is no more working now. So I am thinking now if it's possible to write the image of that floppy to a flash drive and then I may boot my machine from the flash drive.

My machine's BIOS has the option of 'Boot from USB'.

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Method 5 of the website mentioned by Darren seemed to be a solution to my problem but it did not work for me.

After a little browsing the method shown in "Creating a bootable USB thumb drive - Page 2 " did the magic for me.

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An answer that no longer works because the link is dead and there's no real information in the answer. – Jason Goemaat Aug 10 '14 at 1:58

This website provides several methods to do this, including methods of converting a floppy image to USB boot. There appears to be additional steps other than raw writing the floppy image directly to the USB drive.

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