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I mean saving them as a pdf and keep them as a backup for future reference or for future reading

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There are online converters such as:

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You could install CutePDF printer driver, and print the pages you want to PDF files.

Alternatively, there exist quite some tools to download and store full websites.

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similar method: print to file using a PostScript printer driver, then convert the resulting file with ps2pdf. this was handy way-back-when when PDF printer drivers only came from Adobe but Microsoft provided a great postscript driver for Apple Laserwriters for free. :) – quack quixote Dec 7 '09 at 21:17

From sourceforge:

In case you are using firefox browser, this addin is a good one:

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This is my favourite - converts everything (documents, websites, emails etc)

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I have used wkhtmltopdf to convert a webpage to PDF in the past.

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If you'd like to save web pages for future reference or future reading I find best to use the Scrapbook Addon in Firefox or save the webpage as .mht file (native in IE, possible in Firefox using UnMHT Addon).

These methods will save your page with more accuracy than printing them to pdf.

I hope it helps.

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HTML-to-PDF is a free utility for batch converting webpages to PDF documents from the command line or via a GUI...


It produces HTML and CSS rendering pretty much identical to that of Internet Explorer. Handles pages containing JavaScript, embeds fonts, and allows you to insert live links and live forms into a PDF document.

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