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I have applied a Color Theme. How can I get back to the default theme without restarting Emacs (version 23)?

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Please give more details. What version of Emacs are you running? How did you change the colors (there's more than one way)? – Doug Harris Dec 7 '09 at 18:16
Thanks Doug, I've added some more details. – Kay Sarraute Dec 7 '09 at 20:00


M-x color-theme-select

Move point (the cursor) to first line showing:


and press 'Enter' (return).

Alternatively, to get back to the Emacs default themes, also try:

M-x color-theme-emacs-21


M-x color-theme-standard

However, from your question it's not clear which theme you initially started with. For example, if you simply been using the default theme provided in the color-theme quickstart when you first (manually) installed color-theme then do this:

M-x color-theme-hober

or whatever you had specified in your .emacs file (if applicable).

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That's a tricky one. What I have done before is make a color theme from your default ( there's a library out there that does it but the name escapes me (color-theme-maker) maybe?)

Then you can always switch back to it whenever you want. That's what I did, I named it default-23 or something. Good luck.

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