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Quickbooks is very complex and not very user friendly, is there any other online accountancy programs that you know that would also take care of creating tax papers to be sent out ?

For small business.

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This site will show you some up to date options. alternativeto.net/software/quickbooks/?exactmatch=true –  NitroxDM May 10 '11 at 17:03

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Freshbooks is very nice, but doesn't do everything quickbooks does (but see this blog post about Bootstrap for quartely tax estimates and this forum post re:limitations.

Cashboard is another online billing application. However I don't see any tax integration.

Though not online, there is also GnuCash which is about as user friendly as Quickbooks (not very). I know some people use both Freshbooks and GnuCash. And Postbooks which is another open-sauce billing app.

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