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I have a Logitech Pro 9000 webcam working with Mac OS X. I want to disable the autofocus feature of that webcam.

How to do this in Mac OS X?

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Third Party drivers for web cams on the Mac include Macam, iUSBCam, and iGlasses.

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Throwing in a vote for iGlasses. – Kaji Dec 13 '09 at 13:31

Sadly Kio Dane's answer is less helpful now for me, and I suspect it's since the Snow Leopard release.

  • Macam hasn't been able to recognize any camera I've given it, even a well behaved "driverless" cameras.
  • iUSBCam has a message on THEIR SITE saying that the program no longer works / no longer supported under Snow Leopard (that's why I suspect whatever change caused it also affects Maccam)
  • iGlasses does work with my HP webcam on SL but doesn't have an option for auto-focus, even though the camera clearly has that feature. Also, it's $10, though might be worth it for other things.

This isn't anybody's "fault", I don't blame Kio or Apple, but things may have changed in SL.

If anybody has any ideas, please update. I'll check the vendor's site, HP in this case.

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